Passenger Operation Online Safety Training Program

One challenge many transportation passenger operations like motor coach companies and bus companies face is that they have to develop a safety and training program based on truck operation safety programs. That just doesn’t work! It’s like placing a square peg into a round hole. For years, I completed audits of passenger operations and witnessed firsthand how they struggled with their safety, training, and compliance programs.

Safety personnel have been looking for a better solution. There are unique requirements for passenger operations that a trucking training solution just can’t address. The hours of service regulations, maintenance requirements, passenger safety considerations, wheelchair securement concerns, and driver supervision requirements are all different than their trucking counterparts. Finally, that solution exists – an online training program designed specifically for passenger operations.

Transport Safely’s solution is specifically for motor coach, charter bus, transit, minibus, and van operations that are subject to FMCSA regulations. This program takes the guesswork out of what passenger operations should do to be compliant with their insurance company and the FMCSA. Companies must be able to pass an insurance audit as well as a DOT compliance review. Our program is designed with those two types of audits in mind.

If you are interested to comply with insurance company recommendations and DOT regulations, we recommend that you give us a try.

If you are a passenger operation looking for a safety program to meet your company’s needs, for assistance with loss control visits and responding to recommendations, and/or navigating DOT regulations, then Transport Safely’s online safety program is for you!

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What is Loss Control?

So, what exactly is loss control? Simply put, it is the controls you have in place to ensure DOT compliance and safety. Your insurance carrier wants to ensure that the company has sufficient controls in place to limit losses that can affect them paying claims.

Insurance Agents and the Safety Game

If you are an insurance agent and you try to secure coverage for a transportation company, then you have to provide potential insurance companies proof that your client has some type of safety program. The application process usually has some questions about the type of safety program the company has and who is in charge of the safety program.

Driver Incentives—A Different Approach

Safety and compliance programs should contain a driver incentive program. Although companies may have some variation of an incentive program, many are not as effective at improving safety outcomes as they could be. At Transport Safely, we have developed a driver incentive program that is focused on improving CSA SMS BASIC scores and accidents, both core elements that insurance companies monitor to determine if your operation has an effective safety program.