Commercial Transportation Insurance Agents

Do you provide insurance services for the transportation industry?

We work with insurance agents that provide commercial automobile liability and/or cargo coverage for:

Trucking Operations
Passenger Operations
Paratransit Operations
Towing Operations
Courier Operations
Small Fleets to Large Fleets
CDL and Non-CDL Fleets

Our goal is to improve safety and compliance programs of motor carriers to help insurance agents obtain lower insurance premiums for their clients.

We want to help you make “C” clients – “B” clients and “B” clients – “A” clients.

The Game

So, here’s the game.

A motor carrier needs insurance.
They find an insurance agent and seek coverage.
Agent asks motor carrier to fill out a commercial insurance application.
The motor carrier fills out application.
Application asks if the motor carrier has a safety program and telematics.
Motor carrier answers yes to both.
Motor carrier signs application verifying answers are truthful in application.
Agent submits application to insurance carrier for consideration.
Insurance company likes what they see on application and binds coverage.
30-days later, insurance company audits motor carrier.
Audit determines the motor carrier was not truthful in answers about safety program and telematics.
Insurance company issues recommendations or cancels policy.
Premiums adjusted.
Distrust builds between insurance company and insurance agent.

We Eliminate the Game

Our founder was an insurance auditor for the transportation industry for fifteen years. He determined two things from his years of auditing transportation companies:

1. Motor carriers did not have time to handle their safety and compliance program.

2. Motor carriers did not want to handle their safety and compliance program.

We developed a program that creates a safety and compliance program that puts all the items an insurance underwriter looks for and place a red bow on it! With one simple goal – helping insurance agents obtain lower insurance premiums for their clients!

Our Fleet Safety Programs include:


Driver/Maintenance File Compliance
Drug and Alcohol Program Compliance
Written Policies and Procedures
Manager Safety Training
Monthly Driver Training
Certificates of Completion for all Training
CSA SMS BASIC Score Monitoring
Safety Consulting
Program Development
Program Adjustments
Driver Incentive Program
Disciplinary Program
Communication with Insurance Agent
Assistance with Policy Renewal

Separate Yourself from the Crowd

Insurance costs are skyrocketing! In 2019, over 750 motor carriers went out of business in the US. Many of them cited increased insurance costs as the main reason. Motor carriers are looking for insurance agents that have a solution that can help lower their insurance premiums. Be the difference for your clients and separate yourself from other agents and refer your clients to us!

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