COVID-19 Updates and Resources

In an effort to assist our clients and the transportation industry during this difficult time, we are providing resources to help. We will do our best to keep this page up-to-date as new information becomes available.

Website Resources for COVID-19 Information and Updates: (Rumor Control)

State of Florida Department of Health: (Search “Insert State Name” Health Department” for other states)

FMCSA Emergency Declaration

Free Driver Safety Meetings

We have never been a proponent of in-person group safety meetings and have always advocated online safety meetings.

Due to the recommendations of the CDC about “social distancing” and the fact that your drivers are busy during this pandemic, we are offering FREE online safety meetings for all commercial drivers until this crisis is over.

Please let your drivers know this is available and have them fill out the short form below for access (please allow up to 24 hours for registration).

We will expand our safety meetings to include COVID-19 updates, protecting drivers’ health, and other helpful information during this time.

All safety meetings are online, mobile compliant, and includes a certificate of completion.

Free Safety Meeting Registration

Re-Tasking Personnel

We understand that during this pandemic you may need to re-task safety personnel to handle dispatching and other duties. We can help with re-tasking the load off of your safety program through one of our Fleet Safety Programs. Let us be your virtual safety department and handle compliance and safety for you.

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