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You don’t have enough time to manage your safety program.

We understand that even with full-time safety personnel, there is never enough time to plan, implement, and monitor your safety program.

We can help.

What do our custom programs look like?


We sit down with you to evaluate:

  • Current programs
  • Any violations
  • BASIC scores
  • Current tools you use


Based on the discovery phase, we will recommend a suite of tools that can be used to improve your programs and make them more sustainable.  

Some of Our Tools: 

  • Safety Director Certification Program
  • Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Driver Certification Program
  • Monthly Driver Training
  • Driver Qualification File Management
  • Samba Safety Monitoring
  • Driver Recruitment and pre-hire qualification
  • Telematics (ELD, cameras, etc)
  • Fleet maintenance solutions


We understand that some tools we recommend may not work for your operation as-is without modification. We will work with you to customize a solution to fit your needs. 

Example Customizations: 

  • Pre-Trip Inspection Training videos using your vehicles
  • Pre-Trip Inspection online form submission
  • ELD Training—using your ELDs in your vehicles.
  • Custom Driver Handbook
  • In Cab Notebooks
  • Dispatcher Training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Other Employee Training
  • Reasonable Suspicion Video Training
  • Customized Training Portals
  • Driver Incentive Program


We do not believe in selling a tool that you cannot use. We will always work with you to onboard our solutions, receive proper training, and provide ongoing unlimited support.


A safety program is a living, breathing piece of your operation. It cannot be a binder on a shelf that is never looked at. We provide ongoing monitoring of your program to help you make adjustments and improvements as needed. 

Ways We Monitor Your Program: 

  • DataQ: We can complete DataQ challenges on your behalf
  • Daily monitoring of CSA SMS BASIC Scores
  • Regular Audits of your files
  • Clearinghouse Compliance Monitoring
  • Driver MVR Monitoring
  • PSP Reports
  • Monthly Program Reports
  • Ongoing Program Adjustments
  • Insurance Renewal Preparation:
    • 120 days before renewal, we can provide your insurance agent with all certificates of completion, monthly reports, and progress/ action reports.

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