Introduction to Teams

Teams are a membership tool to organize groups of users who share a single billing account. Teams are independent of groups and other components of the Safety Circle platform. Teams are typically made up of employees of a single company who all share the same billing account. Teams are made up of a number of member licenses (seats) that can then be distributed to individual members.

Team Roles #

Within a Team there are three distinct roles: Owner, Manager, Member.

Owner #

A Team owner is the primary billing party for a Team. Owners can manage billing information, manage membership subscriptions, and add/remove members to the Team. An Owner is not required to take up a seat of the Team membership if the Owner is a member of a different tier. For example, if the Team Owner is a company administrator, Basic Level membership might suffice. The Owner could still oversee a Team of Professional members without needing to take up a paid seat.

Manager #

Owners may delegate certain permissions to Team Managers. Managers may add or remove other members, but may not access or alter any billing information. Managers cannot remove an Owner from a Team. Managers must take up a seat within the Team.

Members #

Members cannot view or edit any Team settings.