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Comprehensive Orientation Training
Online Monthly Safety Meetings
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Integrated Driver Incentive Program

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All drivers begin their training by completing a comprehensive three-hour orientation training program. This prepares drivers for our monthly training program and sets them up for success.

Module 1: Introduction—An Overview of Safety and Compliance

The main objective of our driver safety training program is simple—reduce the frequency of violations and accidents. All of our clients have similar violation and accident issues. The introduction module discusses these common safety issues and how drivers can minimize the frequency of safety violations and accidents.

Module 2: A Training Guide on Proper Accident Investigations

Insurance claim professionals and defense attorneys know that any delay in reporting claims/accidents can increase the claim costs significantly. This module teaches drivers how to properly investigate and report accidents. An emphasis is placed on the role drivers play in helping lower claim costs, which can lead to lower insurance premiums.

Module 3: CSA SMS BASIC Scores—Strategies to Keep Violations to a Minimum for Each BASIC Score

How to survive a roadside inspection. Drivers are taught common violations from each of the CSA SMS BASIC score categories and how to avoid them.


Our program includes a monthly online safety meeting. Topics include regulations, defensive driving, safety, and compliance strategies. Meetings are intentionally kept short so drivers can focus on 1-2 specific topics per month.

Each month drivers complete the following:

  • Watch a 15-20 minute video
  • Complete an online quiz
  • Download their Certificate of Completion
  • Earn points on the company’s leaderboard

Our clients have found that their insurance company prefers they are providing monthly documented safety training to their drivers, rather than quarterly and annual training.

Monthly safety meetings provide constant focus on the company’s safety program.


Once drivers complete the modules and quizzes, they receive a Certificate of Completion, proving they have completed the orientation safety training and monthly safety training. All certificates have a unique ID and a scannable QR code to allow for independent verification.

It’s one thing to say your drivers have completed safety training, it’s entirely different to say they have completed the safety training and have verifiable certificates to back it up.

These certificates should be sent to your insurance agent, who forwards them to your insurance company, to verify that you have an ongoing training program. This is a GREAT way to lower your premiums!


Drivers earn points for completing the following safety tasks:

  • Completing orientation training
  • Completing monthly safety meetings
  • Reviewing monthly safety memos
  • Completing weekly safety missions

The leaderboard allows management to see at a glance which drivers have completed safety training and contributed to making the company a safer place. It helps drivers stay focused on safety and strive for improvement.

Safety managers can review and compare the information from the leaderboard and their drivers’ violations on the CSA SMS BASIC. By doing this, they can focus on noticeable trends to develop additional safety training. This comparison also helps safety managers focus on which drivers are struggling and then determine how to best help them improve.

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