Online Safety Programs

Online Safety Programs

Online safety training unlike anything else you’ve seen.

With You Wherever You Go

Gone are the days of being hired and then sitting in a dark room with a TV and VCR for days on end. We believe safety training should be as versatile as you are. Our online training programs can be completed on a computer, phone, or tablet from anywhere with an internet connection.

Easy to Understand

Our materials are presented in easy-to-understand modules that are never longer than an hour, so you can finally fit training into your busy schedule! Each module includes an introduction, a video about the topic, a short quiz, and downloadable form and policy samples.

Lightning Fast Updates

Regulations change. Technologies change. Your safety program needs to change at the same time. We provide updates as new information becomes available, all at no extra cost. There’s no more need to wait for the next edition of a binder to be released!

English and Spanish

We understand that English is not everyone’s first language. All of our online training programs include Spanish subtitles for videos and Spanish versions of downloadable sample policies.

Where has your safety program taken you?

How Does an Online Training Program Help Me Save on My Insurance Premiums?*

Step 1: Complete the Transport Safely training program.
Step 2: Receive Certificate of Completion with verification code.
Step 3: Send Certificate of Completion to your insurance agent to include with your next renewal quote.
Step 4: Insurance company reviews your certificate and can verify that you have successfully completed a safety training program.
Step 5: Receive savings of up to 30% on your annual insurance premium!

*A safety training program is one factor insurance companies evaluate when quoting coverage. For best results, we recommend pairing a safety training program with personalized safety consulting. When used together, clients have reported savings of up to 30% on their annual insurance premiums. Results cannot be guaranteed due to the number of factors evaluated by different insurance companies.