Safety &

We're specialists in training and compliance
programs for trucking and passenger operations.


Fleet Programs

Our fleet programs combine comprehensive training for managers and drivers with robust safety consulting services to help your company improve its safety programs and achieve lower insurance premiums year after year.


Driver/Maintenance File Compliance
Drug and Alcohol Program Compliance
Written Policies and Procedures
Manager Safety Training
Monthly Driver Training
Certificates of Completion for all Training
CSA SMS BASIC Score Monitoring
Safety Consulting
Program Development
Program Adjustments
Driver Incentive Program
Disciplinary Program
Communication with Insurance Agent
Assistance with Policy Renewal


What exactly is safety consulting and why should you care? Our specialized consulting services are designed to do one thing: save you time and money.

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Fleet Technologies

We’ve partnered with some of the industry’s leading providers of fleet technologies to bring you robust and affordable solutions. What technologies are we talking about? Telematics, ELD, & Maintenance Management to name a few!

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