Step 2: Train

Safety Manager Training

About the Training

Our program provides transportation companies with a mentoring program that improves their current safety skill base or trains new personnel that have never handled safety. Our Safety Manager Training programs focus on lowering CSA SMS BASIC scores, reducing violations, and lowering insurance premiums.

Easy to Understand

We do more than list regulations to be memorized. Our training provides real-life examples in easy-to-understand modules.


Our training can be done from anywhere, even on a phone or tablet.


Certificates of completion are issued for all training programs. Send the certificates to your insurance agent to help negotiate better rates at renewal.


We believe users should learn in a language they understand. That's why all of our training is provided in English and Spanish.

Core Training

Our core training coaches safety managers on good safety habits, what to do in an accident, driver incentive programs, and how CSA SMS BASIC scores impact them and the company.

Safety Meetings

Monthly safety meetings cover topics like roadside inspections, Hours-of-Service, and regulation changes. Like all of our training, safety meetings can now be done from anywhere at any time.