Strategic Safety Plan

Actionable Safety Plans Built for You

For a one-time fee, our team of safety and compliance experts will evaluate every aspect of your current safety program, identify areas of concern, and provide you with an action plan for correcting any issues.


Our Strategic Safety Plans are customized based on your operation and the action plans are laid out in a way that you can implement all items on your own using your existing personnel.

Safety Plans Help Your Insurance Premiums

Having a documented safety program is essential during an insurance quote or renewal, particularly if your safety scores are above the intervention threshold or you have a conditional rating. Sharing your Strategic Safety Plan with your agent could be the difference in the premium you pay.


Our team will evaluate your safety scores, violations, files, policy manuals, and every other aspect of your safety program.


Once the review is complete, we will identify areas of concern that could be impacting your safety, compliance, and insurance premiums.

Action Plan

Strategic Safety Plans are written reports and action plans. With the Strategic Safety Plan, you will be able to implement new strategies, policies, and programs to improve your operation's safety and compliance.